Ferrari-Sergio Concept 2013 800x600 wallpaper 02

Pininfarina is presenting a concept car that renews the spirit and values of the extraordinary achievements obtained under the leadership of Sergio Pininfarina, projecting them into the future in the name of exclusivity, innovation and passion. A concept car in line with the approach that has allowed Pininfarina to generate a wealth of creations that have become car legends: the ability to combine passion, creativity, intelligence, technology and elegance in the continuity of the brand's genetic code. A mixture of aesthetic balance and elegant simplicity that last over time and make all Pininfarina models long-lived and resistant to changes in taste and fashion.

The new Pininfarina concept car could only be called Sergio. It is an exercise that Pininfarina decided to undertake on a brand that more than any other has marked the history of Pininfarina: Ferrari. The name of Sergio Pininfarina is inextricably linked to that union conceived 60 years ago: the Sergio, therefore, will also celebrate the importance of Pininfarina's contribution to the history of Prancing Horse design. A tribute that was immediately morally supported by Luca Montezemolo and Ferrari as a whole.

The two-seater barchetta of the future

With the Sergio you enter the fascinating and exciting realm of the two-seater barchetta as a unique and extreme object. Sportsmanship in the truest sense of the joy of driving, the passion of those who view cars as an unequalled source of excitement, the pleasure of admiring the essentiality of a one-off car by Pininfarina.